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Reasons Why Free Fire Id Got banned

  • Update Time : Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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If you play Garena Free Fire then you may know that nowadays huge number of id got banned to improve fair play.

Many people thinks that free fire id got banned due to using Hacks, actually it’s not. There are plethora of reason for suspended.

See the list of causes here:

1. Modified or unauthorized game using client.
2. Using unauthorized tools that try to connect to the Free Fire game client.
3. If you try to take advantage of any un-official program in the game.
4. If you try to take extra advantage by modifying the model file.
5. If you try to get a good gaming experience using glitch or bugs.
6. Strangely charged by another player after playing the game
7. Using Local data to bypass anti hack system.

Dear Survivors,

We are committed to creating a neutral gaming environment for all. Take a look at the reasons why someone’s ID is banned from this post! 💀

We urge all players not to join the squad with anyone involved in hacking. We will continue this campaign against hackers. 🤗 Says Garena.


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