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How much money Ajjubhai94 (Total Gaming) Earns from Youtube?

  • Update Time : Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Total Gaming Earnings

In this post we are going talk about the best Free Fire Gaming youtuber Ajju Bhai’s income from his youtube channel Total gaming that has over 19.7 million subscribers.

While looking about earnings from youtube, it depends on the country where viewers watching you as RPM on USA,UK, Europe are higher than all other nation.We have collected ajjubhai’s earnings stats from Socialblade though it’s not accurate as well but we can get some idea of earnings. But today i will show you the more flexible data from my perspective.

To begin with Daily Earnings, it depends on daily ad views and clicks. According to my reserch Total gaming generates around 900$ to 1000$ in a day from Youtube. On the other side, Ajjubhai94 earns approx 25,000$ to 40,000$ in a month and roughly 450,000$ to 500,000$ in a year. ( I said it according to my earnings and RPM from youtube gaming)

Lets see Total Gaming channel ranks on YouTube.

  • Country Rank: 44th
  • Games Rank: 17th
  • Video views Rank: 1415th
  • Subscribers Rank: 226th
  • Channel Created: 9th Oct 2018


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