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Free Fire New Cobra Bundle

  • Update Time : Tuesday, February 16, 2021
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Free Fire has come up With a very special bundle that is out of the wrold.The theme has taken by the name of cobra.It is on of the most rear bundle from Garena.It is the only legendary bundle that can make different colours and comes with It’s own emotes. 

About the bundle:

° The bundle will be a legendary item.

° It have 4 Deferent colours Red,Yalow, Blue and Propel.

° This Bundle come with a very special emotes.

° It Have a very special effect that also inspired by Cobra theme

Bundel Reletting Images and videos:

Cobra: Modo Fúria
Abra para receber o Pacote
Cobra: Modo Fúria

Cobra: Modo Tempes
Abra para receber o Pacote
Cobra: Modo Tempestade

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