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Things need to know about Nayeem Alam and Mr Triple R

  • Update Time : Wednesday, March 10, 2021
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Free Fire is a popular game in today’s world. There are some good players in Bangladesh too. Almost everyone knows their names. Let’s take a look today at two popular Bangladeshi players and YouTuber.

Nayeem Alam:
-YouTube Name: Gaming With Nayeem
-Address: Chittagong, Bangladesh
-Age: 18+
-Game UID: 206923045
-Guild: (Not In any Guild)[Ex Player Of WTF Guild]

√Some special abilities: Solo vs Squad Specialist
– Mp40 Gun runs very well. He is the best in Mp40.
-He is called Mp40 King
– He is not in any Guild at the moment
– Currently he has 1.07 million subscribers on Youtube. The maximum view on a video on Youtube is 7.2 million.
– * KD 5.23 in Classic Squad and Headshot rate 39.39%
* * KD 11.56 and Headshot Rate 63.83 in Clash Squad
-Sometimes he organizes tournaments and arranges. He has a permanent squad
-Clash squad matches with players from outside the country.

Mr. Triple R:
-Youtube: Mr triple R.
-Address: Dhaka, Mirpur
-Age: 20+
-Game UID: 728027523
-Guild: BD71Army

√Some Special Ability –

-He gained popularity by tackling many difficult challenges in the game. He uploads videos regularly. Also discuss various events.
– He taught many tricks to play the game easily through Youtube channel. Plays regularly with foreign players
-Like Map match more than Clash squad.
-2.31 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Maximum View 2.8 million in one of his videos
– He’s a very funny man. Tackles fun fun challenges.
-He never showed his face to people.
– * KD 3.33 in Classic Squad and Headshot Rate 19.68% * KD 4.61 at Clash Squad And Headshot rate 39.12%.

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