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Vincenzo vs B2K Lifetime stats

  • Update Time : Thursday, March 11, 2021
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Vincenzo and B2K are popular gamer on youtube for their amazing skills. In this article we will know about their lifetime stats.

B2K Lifetime stats:

B2K has played a total of 8205 squad matches and has bettered his foes in 1475 of them, which comes to a win percentage of 17.97%. In the process, he has bagged 47480 frags at a K/D ratio of 7.05.

In the duo mode, the YouTuber has played 2333 games and has triumphed in 397 of them for a win rate of 17.01%. He has registered 9615 kills for a K/D ratio of 4.97.

Lastly, the player has 1398 solo matches to his name and has 171 victories, having a win ratio of 12.23%. With a K/D ratio of 3.75, he has killed 4598 enemies.

Vincenzo Lifetime stats
Vincenzo has competed in 19675 squad games and has remained unbeaten in 3421 of them, corresponding to a win percentage of 17.38%. He has collected 70668 kills, ensuring a K/D ratio of 4.35.

Coming to the duo mode, the player has been featured in 1706 duo matches and has 298 wins, converting to a win ratio of 17.46%. With 4993 frags, he has a K/D ratio of 3.55.

The YouTuber has also played 1129 solo games and has precisely 100 victories, equating to a win rate of 8.85%. He has 2814 kills to his name for a K/D ratio of 2.73.

That was their lifetime stats. After reading what do you think who has better stats? Comment below.

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