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Free Fire Best 5 Passive Character

  • Update Time : Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Free Fire hosts a plethora of characters that have passive as well as active abilities. These passive and active abilities are quite useful on the ground and help players maximize their performance.

The active characters have more powerful abilities than the passive ones, but they require a cooldown. In contrast, passive abilities do not require any cooldown. There are exceptions in every ability, though.

This article shares some of the best characters with passive abilities in Free Fire after the OB27 update.

What are the best Free Fire characters with passive abilities after the OB27 update?

#1 – Shirou

Shirou has one of the most useful character abilities in the game, Damage Delivered. It is a passive ability that tags enemies within 80 meters of the player’s range for 6 seconds when they hit the player.

The player is the only one who can see this marking. The first shot fired on the intended opponent causes 50% more armor penetration. However, the ability has a 35-second cooldown. Upon maximizing Shirou, his abilities improve.

#2 – Maro

Maro is a recent introduction to the game but is not yet accessible to players. According to his in-game biography, Maro is a falconer who loves bow hunting. He possesses the passive ability, Falcon Fervor.

The base level (level 1) of this skill raises damage over distance by up to 5%. It also allows players to increase the damage done to designated opponents by 1%. As he is maximized, his skills increase significantly.

#3 – Hayato

Hayato is a great character for the Clash Squad mode. His ability is called Bushido, and the enemy’s armor penetration damage increases by 7.5 percent with every 10% drop in the player’s overall HP.

As Hayato is maximized to level 6, his ability increases significantly.

#4 – Jota

Sustained Raids is a primary level passive capability that Jota has access to. With a five-second cooldown, it automatically recovers 25HP on any SMG or Shotgun kill.

Jota’s skills are significantly enhanced as players use universal fragments to maximize him.

#5 – Moco

Moco has a unique skill set in the game, which is partially owned by Shirou too. Moco’s ability is known as Hacker’s Eye. At level 1, it tags enemies for two seconds and shares the information with teammates.

When players level up Moco with universal fragments, the length of the tag duration improves for five seconds.

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