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M8N vs Vincenzo Stats

  • Update Time : Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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M8N and Vincenzo are the legend of Free Fire they’re both are the best player of Mobile and Pc.

What will happen if they come in same match and Fight????


About M8N:
M8N is a renowned Egyptian Free Fire YouTuber who has a massive fan following worldwide. He plays in the Middle East region and frequently posts clips of his gameplay, which has brought him immense fame in the Free Fire community. He is looked at and admired by players for his excellent gameplay and stats.
He on of the best Mobile player of Free Fire. He Have many videos in Youtube.He Join Youtube in 2019-07.16 Right now he have more then 6 Million Subscribers in Youtube.
M8N is really Kind hard man. He halp his friends and others. Many people have seen him that he is on of the most kind man.
Youtube : M8N
About Vincenzo :
Vincenzo have more then 5 Million Subscribers in Youtube.He is on of the best PC player of Free Fire.  He also from Middle East region. He is very high skilled play of Free Fire . Vincenzo is best pc playe.
Profile Info:
OP Vincenzo has participated in 19460 squad matches to date and has come out on top in 3410 of them, having a win ratio of 17.52%. He has over 70000 frags and has maintained a K/D ratio of 4.36. He has 298 Booyah in 1706 duo matches, which comes down to a win rate of 17.46%.
Vincenzo Vs  M8N :
Recently Vincenzo and  M8N  make a video where They both make a custom and then that match was incensed. Both of them is very skilled so both had a very hard time. M8N was the one who make the first headshot. First 3 Round M8N was in lead he win First 3 Round but aftar that Vincenzo got Fired up. In 4th round Vincenzo make a pay back aftar that the match got more and more excited both of them was the beat of beat the match continued at the and they make a tie in (6-6) aftar that the mach was Finished.
Both of them are the best thats why nobody needs to know the result they both are great.
If youn want to see the Video go to this link:

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