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Free Fire vs Call of Duty Mobile: Which battle royale game is better?

  • Update Time : Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Both Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile have found their respective audiences in India and have been seeing steady growth in the esports industry. Both of these are competitors in the battle royale genre, with similar core mechanics but with vastly different physics, graphics and more. They even have different device requirements. Here we will be taking a look at how both these battle royale games differ, and we will find out which one is meant for you.


RAM: Call of Duty: Mobile requires 2GB of RAM, whereas, Free Fire requires 1GB of minimum RAM with 2GB being recommended. Also Read – Garena Free Fire OB27 update: Patch notes, release time, vouchers, characters, weapons, and more


Storage: Call of Duty: Mobile has a download size of 1.95GB on Android, and Free Fire has a minimum download size of 680MB. Also Read – Garena Free Fire Tri-Series: What is it? Schedule, format and more


Operating system: Call of Duty: Mobile requires Android version 5.1 or above to run, iOS requirements are not stated; Free Fire requires Android 4.1 or above, and or iOS 8.0 or above.



Free Fire vs Call of Duty Mobile: Gameplay

Both Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile share the same battle royale dynamics, but have totally different gameplay physics. The movement of players and the handling of guns feels more animated and easy in Free Fire, whereas, in Call of Duty: Mobile the controls are a bit difficult as they are more realistic with heavy recoil and strength shaping.



Call of Duty: Mobile allows 100 players to take part at once, whereas, Free Fire limits the number to 50 players. Due to this, the maps are larger and the matches are longer in Call of Duty: Mobile. A usual battle royale match takes around 30 minutes to complete, which is comparatively much longer than the 10 minutes it takes to finish a Free Fire map.


Free Fire has a lot of playable characters, which make the battleground more lively. Whereas, all of the characters in Call of Duty: Mobile look quite similar except for a few special skins.

Free Fire vs Call of Duty Mobile: Graphics

Hands down, Call of Duty: Mobile has much better graphics than Free Fire. They even manage to rival their console counterparts, adding a more realistic feel to the gameplay. The character details, weapons, vehicles and maps look much more appealing and close to real life.


Whereas, Free Fire has an animated feel to it. I prefer having realistic graphics, but that does not mean that Free Fire is unplayable. It is your personal preference what you prefer in terms of graphics. Moreover, Call of Duty: Mobile is made for mid-range and premium devices, whereas, Free Fire also supports the lower-end devices, and can run in lower resources than Call of Duty: Mobile.


Free Fire vs Call of Duty Mobile: Conclusion

Both the titles are catered towards different audiences and have carved their own niches. I personally prefer playing Call of Duty: Mobile, due to the much more realistic graphics and the overall gameplay dynamics. However, Free Fire is also a good game that can keep you entertained while playing. Also, if you have a low-end or a mid-range device, then it is recommended that you play Free Fire over Call of Duty: Mobile to get better FPS and gameplay.


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