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Gaming Aura Lifetime stats and ranked stats

  • Update Time : Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Abhishek Singh, best known for his YouTube channel, Gaming Aura, is a prominent founder of Free Fire content. Creates a variety of game-related videos, such as guides, news, leaks, and more.

At the time of writing, Indian YouTuber has more than 839,000 subscribers. This document looks at his Free Fire ID, statistics, and other details.

His Free Fire ID is 152111745. Gaming Aura has appeared in 4413 team games and won 629, resulting in a winning percentage of 14.25%. He collected 10135 kills, keeping a K / D average of 2.68.

Apart from this, he has played 4019 games of the duo and has 350 finishing first place, equivalent to a winning rate of 8.70%. By doing this, you have 10587 pieces with a K / D rating of 2.89.

The content builder has appeared in 2948 single games and has 206 winners, converting to a win ratio of 6.98%. He noted 6208 killings with a K / D rating of 2.26.

Gaming Aura has competed in 539 team games this season and currently has 55 carts, keeping a winning rate of 10.20%. He has recruited 1578 killers with a K26 D rating of 3.26.

YouTuber has also participated in 279 games and has come out on top 9 times, dropping 3.22% of the win. With a K / D rating of 2.79, it has 753 frags.

Gaming Aura has seven individual games in its name and has two winning numbers, keeping a winning rate of 28.57%. Collected 35 kills with a K / D rating of 7.00.

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