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Chrono Vs Maro: Who is better?

  • Update Time : Thursday, May 27, 2021
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Bullets are an integral part of Free Fire. A wide selection of characters with different abilities helps players on the battlefield visually. They offer high value in the listed mode with skills such as healing, printing, EP restoration, etc. Many players choose limited similarities as it affects them to progress to higher levels. However, it is not easy to choose the best character for this mode because of the multitude of options.

Therefore, this article compares Chrono and Maro’s abilities to see which character is better in the Ranked mode associated with free fire.

Strength: Turning time
Skill type: Active

Chrono’s active TimeTurner ability enables a power field that prevents 600 injuries from opponents (Level 1). The player’s movement speed increases by 5%, and both results last for three seconds. This device has a 200-second CD.

At the highest level (level 6), Time Turner increases player movement speed by 15%. The impact lasts for eight seconds, with a cooldown of 180 seconds.

Strengths: Falcon Fervor
Skill type: Passive

Maro is a bow hunter. His passing ability is called Falcon Fervor (level 1) which increases damage to the range by up to 5%. It also helps to increase damage to marked enemies by 1% .The highest level of Falcon Fervor (level 6) which increases the distance by 25%. Damage caused by marked opponents will increase by 3.5 percent.

Both Chrono and Maro’s skills fit the set mode similarity. Maro can be useful in long-distance battles and for those who are good at photography. Perfect for idle players. Chrono is also a great way for aggressive players in set mode. It offers fast cover and improved movement speed for players In addition, they both have different abilities, and it depends on the player’s playing strategy to select their favorite character in the mode set in Free Fire.

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