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Ways to get Unlimited Free Fire free Diamond

  • Update Time : Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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Garena’s Free fire is well known for diamonds, the in-game currency. It is often used to unlock weapons, pets along with character cosmetics. In order to acquire the diamonds, players would need to get them from the store by paying real-life money. Well doing the latter is really not an option for some of them out there.

Here are the steps by which you can earn free diamonds in Free Fire. These steps would help those who often tend to grab most of the in-game content without investing in the game.

Note: This article is for those who often search the web for earning free diamonds while the regular players might know these steps.



Players can earn diamonds by completing a plethora of in-game events. Upon doing the same, in the end, they are credited with some amount of diamonds. These in-game events can be challenging and demand a high skill set which can indeed be a problem for the new players.


Free Fire streamers on YouTube do organize multiple giveaways and the prizes set are incredibly attractive enough most of the time. Participating in such giveaways can be useful if you’re in need of diamonds. Though players would still need to bank on their luck to win such giveaways as dozens of mobile gamers enroll for the same.


Players can download the Google Opinion Rewards application from the Playstore on their mobile and can complete surveys to earn a Google play credit amount. With the help of the play credit earned, they can get the diamonds from the in-game store. The surveys do contain a list of questions and are often easy to be answered. Other applications like Easy Rewards also do help you get the Google Play credit.

To download Google Opinion Rewards on your phone, click here.

To download Easy Rewards on your phone, click here

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