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Easy way to get free diamond in free fire

  • Update Time : Wednesday, June 9, 2021
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You can find so many ways to make free dimones but none of them are real but today you will get a way to make unlimited dimones for free in your account. I have make more then 10 millions dimones in my account with this web site. So today you can also have dimones like me.

In Free Fire we got a new and easy way to make unlimited dimones and golds for free. This is the most easy way to get free dimones in your account.
To get free dimones follow the rules.


#1 Enter to the Link billow:

Link: Graminity

#2 Then you will get a enter face like this. Click on (Start now) and then you will go to the page.

#3 After you click Start now you will get a enter face like this. In that box submit you UID.

#4 After entering your UID you will get a Human verification in that web.Just verify youself and go to next enter face.


#5 Now you will get the options for how much gold amd dimones you want. Now select the amount of Gold you want and then select the amount Dimones you want.

#6 After select for the dimones you want you will get a Simple task.You have to download a app from the list you will get and then make a quick massage and get you reword unlimited dimone and golds.


After following this five step you will get unlimited amounts of dimones as you can see.I have make i have more then 10M dimones in my account. You can also make dimones like me. All you have to do is just stay with us. In this way you will have unlimited dimones and have fun.

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