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New Incubator Spin Trick

  • Update Time : Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Currently the Free Fire game is very popular and expensive. But if you take some steps, you can easily get a lot of skin permanent at a low cost. It does not require a lot of diamonds.
So let’s start with the spin of a new event.


Legendary M60 in our new Incubator Event.4 Types of Gun Skin in here.Azure Stormbringer M60 is the best skin in here.It will be unlock with 3 blueprint and 7 Evolution Stone.Let’s start this spin with a glorious tricks

➡️ Character: You Can Use 2 Character for this.Adam or Wukong.
➡️Dress: Dress actually doesn’t matter in here.You can wear any dress.
➡️Gun skin:- M60 is a machine gun.there are 3 types of machine gun in Free Fire right now.so if you have any skin of others you should turn OFF all the skin of Machine gun.But Don’t turn OFF others skin like rifles, SMG,shotguns,sniper etc.
➡️Pet: If you have the poring pet please take it.If you have not,so turn OFF all pet.
➡️All of the above must be done before the diamond top up.
➡️Now back from the game.
➡️Go to the Google account if the account made by Google. Delete All the Email of the inbox.(Your Important Email save by screenshot)
➡️Then Go to the game and Play a classic Map match and a Clash squad match.
➡️Now back again from the game
➡️Now Top up 300 diamond only
➡️Go to the game- 1st spin will single spin I mean 40 diamond. Then 2nd spin will 5 spin I mean 180 Diamond’s Spin.Then You have only 2 spin from 300 diamond.last 2 spin will single spin.
➡️In this you will definitely get 2 blueprints
➡️Then Top up 200 Diamond. Now Spin With Single Spin All.You must get another blueprint.
This Is 100% Correct Trick Right Now.Try It hopefully you will get a good result.

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