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Clash Squad Ranked Push Best Character Combination

  • Update Time : Monday, June 21, 2021
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Clash Squad is one of the most well-known, Free Fire, arcade and multiplayer modes. Two teams of four players will compete in a series of battles, and the player with the highest number of wins after four rounds is the winner.

The characters are one of the most important features of Free Fire, because they have a unique set of skills that will be useful on the battlefield. These skills fall into one of two categories: active (those that require activation prior to use) and a passive (which will continue to be active for the entire duration).

The most powerful of all the active skills are on a Slow fire,
1) to Pass on to the rhythm
DJ Alok on a Low heat
DJ Alok on a Low heat
DJ Alok’s Drop the Beat, and it produces a 5-foot-aura increases ally movement speed by 10% and 5 km/s for 5 s. at the base level.

This is an active ability, which improves as you progress through the levels. His versatile skills and be useful for both the aggressive and passive players.

2) Riptide Rhythm

Skyler has an active ability, Desert, that Rhythm, that is, at its original level and creates a sound wave that will destroy five-gloo walls, at a distance of 50 meters in radius. Each of the advanced gloo wall to increase HP, cooldown rate of 4 positions, with a 60-second cool-down.

It will improve as you progress through the levels. Skyler is a great choice for aggressive players.

3) a means of Camouflage
Wukong with manhua on a low heat
Wukong with manhua on a low heat
Wukong with manhua, the active power, it is known as Masking. This ability turns out to players in the bush, and at a standard level for 10 seconds. It has a 300 second cooldown.

When they were fighting, and the transition to stop, and the cool-down period, reset, and when the opponent is killed. Wukong with manhua ability to improve, if it is raised, and will be shipped in a box, and combat.

4) Factory Meeting
Xayne’s Xtreme Meeting grants players with an 80 HORSEPOWER, and for a temporary period, at the standard level. It will also increase the gloo wall shield’s damage by 40%, and the effect lasts for 10 seconds using a 150-second cool-down.

If Xane levels are up, your active skills will also improve.

(5) The hideout label
– Steffi on a low heat
– Steffi on a low heat
Painting a shelter, it is a active-power-of Gstaad. At the most basic level, it makes the graffiti, which reduces explosion damage by 15% and of a projectile’s damage by 5% for 5 seconds.

The effect doesn’t add up, and it has a charge time of 45 seconds. This is a skill that improves like Steffi reached a whole new level.

Disclaimer: the Character of the selection is a personal choice and the preference of one over the other, based solely on the player’s playstyle.

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