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Crono Vs Elite Andrew: Which is Better?

  • Update Time : Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Garena Free Firei s also famous for it’s unique character and stands out due to its specific features and function. An important aspect of the boards.

The characters have special abilities that help the player, in a virtual battlefield. There will be up to 40 characters that will be available for you to choose from, but selecting the best is a benefit for the actors.

This article weighs in at and the features of some of the best character, Timing, and the Elite of the Elite, Andrew, just to see who’s the best at it, slow fire.

Analyzing Chrono and Elite Andrew in Garena Free Fire


” alt=”Chrono is one of the most potent Garena Free Fire characters” />
Chrono is one of the most potent Garena Free Fire characters

Ability: Time Turner

Skill type: Active

Chrono’s active ability, named Time Turner, creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from foes (at the default level). It also boosts the player’s movement speed by five percent.

Players can shoot at opponents when they are inside the force field area. Every effect lasts three seconds and has a CD of 200 seconds.

At Chrono’s maximum level (level 6), Time Turner increases the player’s movement speed by 15%. The effects last for eight seconds and have a CD of 180 seconds.

Elite Andrew

” alt=”Elite Andrew or Andrew "the Fierce" is the awakened or upgraded version of Andrew in Free Fire” />
Elite Andrew or Andrew “the Fierce” is the awakened or upgraded version of Andrew in Free Fire

Ability: Wolf Pack

Skill type: Passive

Elite Andrew (Awakened Andrew) has the original Andrew character’s skill (Armor Specialist) and an upgraded passive ability, Wolf Pack.

It reduces armor damage by 8%. Teammates carrying Elite Andrew’s skill will add a 15% damage reduction to the player. At the highest level (Level 6), Elite Andrew reduces armor damage by 14%.

Verdict: Who is better?

Both Elite Andrew and Chrono are great options. However, in the end, it depends on the playing style and preference of an individual.

Chrono has a potent ability but has a very long cooldown time. Therefore, players can best use Chrono’s powers in squad Ranked mode matches.

Elite Andrew’s ability increases vest durability, making him better for shorter matches like Clash Squad or Bomb Squad.

Disclaimer: Choosing a Free Fire character is one’s own decision. Prioritizing one over the other solely depends on the gamer’s playing style. Therefore, this article reflects the individual opinion of the writer.

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