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Free Fire redeem code for India server : How to get free FF rewards today

  • Update Time : Sunday, July 4, 2021
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FFPL Dream Team Challenge is underway in Free Fire, and players stand a chance at acquiring exciting rewards. Users need to obtain the rewards; they need to prepare their dream team for a particular day by selecting a total of 6 professional players.

They will earn points based on the performance of these players over six games. Power-ups can be used by them to boost their score and achieve higher points than other gamers.

Here is the latest redeem code, along with the steps to obtain 50 bonus points in Free Fire.

Free Fire redeem code for today (July 3rd)

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Rewards: Bonus 50 Points

Validity: Players can only use this code until 11:59 PM IST on July 3rd, 2021. Therefore, users that wish to obtain the rewards must redeem the code as soon as possible.

Note: Only users from the Indian servers can claim the rewards and through the in-game section rather than the designated Rewards Redemption Site.

How to use Free Fire redeem to acquire the power up

As stated earlier, the power up is a part of the ‘Free Fire Pro League Dream Team’ in-game event. Players are required to follow the steps provided below if they wish to attain the rewards:

” alt=”Players need to press on this "Calendar" icon” />
Players need to press on this “Calendar” icon

Step 1: Open the game and click on the event’s icon on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: Then, users must navigate through the ‘Esports’ tab and select ‘FFPL Dream Team Challenge.’

” alt=”Click on the "Go To" option” />
Click on the “Go To” option

Step 3: Press the ‘Go To’ button, and players will be redirected to the event’s unique interface.

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Click on the ‘Power-up redemption’ button

Step 4: Next, players must click on the ‘Power-up redemption’ button on the top right corner of the screen.

” alt=”Enter the code code and click on the confirm button to obtain the rewards” />
Enter the code code and click on the confirm button to obtain the rewards

Step 5: A dialog box will pop up on the screen. Paste the Free Fire redeem code in the text field and tap on the confirm button.

Step 6: Users will automatically receive a power up, which can be used in the desired match.

If an error message is displayed that reads that the code is invalid, it implies that the Free Fire redeem code has already expired. This means that players cannot use it any further to avail the rewards.

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