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List of Redeem code release this month

  • Update Time : Sunday, July 11, 2021
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Free Fire redeem codes have made it possible for users to get their hands on exclusive items for free that are generally not obtainable without spending diamonds. Considering that most players cannot afford to buy in-game currency, these codes have become a trendy alternative.

Twelve characters, including both letters and numbers, make up these redeem codes. The developers have set up a website for the redemption where these codes can be used to get FF rewards.

Disclaimer: Codes stated in the article are region-specific and are not valid for players outside the specified region. There will be an error if a user tries to use a redeem code meant for another server/region.

All Free Fire redeem codes released this month – July 2021

Indian server

(In-game usage)

Singapore server

Europe server

Note: The codes above were released previously and may not work at present. This error will appear after expiry:

“Failed to redeem. This code is expired or redeemed.”

Steps on using the Free Fire redeem codes and claiming the rewards

Step 1: Rewards Redemption Site of Free Fire has to be visited by the players. Tap here to do so.

Step 2: Then, the users must log in using any of the available options that include Facebook, Google, VK, Twitter, Apple ID, and Huawei ID.

” alt=”Gamers must sign in using the platform they have their accounts linked” />
Gamers must sign in using the platform they have their accounts linked

Guest account users cannot use the redeem codes under any circumstances unless they bind their Free Fire account to any of the platforms stated above.

Step 3: Enter the required code manually or paste it into the text field. The “Confirm” button has to be pressed afterward.

” alt=”The "Confirm" button has to be pressed by the players after entering the code” />
The “Confirm” button has to be pressed by the players after entering the code

Step 4: The rewards of the code will be displayed in a dialog box if the redemption was successful.

In most cases, the items will be sent to the Free Fire account within 24 hours and collected from the in-game mail section.

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