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3 Best Character Combination for Rank Push

  • Update Time : Sunday, July 18, 2021
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In Free Fire, players can combine multi-character skills (combination of characters), including one active and three synthetic. Creating the right combos can be very helpful to players and increase their chances of getting Booyah!

DJ Alok is undoubtedly the leading character in the game, and his talent creates an aura of 5m that increases ally’s travel speed by 10%. In addition, 5 HP is restored, and these effects last for 5 seconds.

As the character reaches its peak, the time increases to 10 seconds and the speed increases to 15%.

Note: This article is based on the author’s preferences, and there are no duplicate characters in this list to provide players with a wide range of options. Users can mix and direct characters to create combinations based on their preferences and play styles.

1) UDJ Alok + Jota + Jai + Hayato

Jota: Ongoing Attack
Jai: Reload
Hayato: Bushido

Jota has a skill, “Sustained Raids,” which gives 40 players health after killing an enemy using Submachine Guns (SMGs) or Shotguns (SGs). It is noteworthy that there is a five-second cooling in this capacity.

Raging Reload is Jai’s ability to enter and is limited to weapons of the AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG categories. After gamers demolish the enemy, we automatically reload the pre-defined firearm with 45% of its top magazine storage.

2) DJ Alok + D-bee + Luqueta + Moco

D-bee: Bullet Beats
Luqueta: A Trick of Hat
Moco: Hacker’s eye
D-bee is the latest character added to Garena’s war feel. Its idleness increases the speed of movement and accuracy by 15% and 35%, respectively, when players shoot while on the move.

Players can increase their maximum HP by 18 to 35 by getting a kill if they have a Hat Trick ability. Therefore, after two killings, the maximum health of users will rise to 235.

Hackers’ markers shoot for five seconds. The teams were also given enemy territory, allowing the entire team to move.

3) UDJ Alok + Laura + Dasha + Shirou

Laura: Sharp Shooter
Dasha: Fun
Shirou: Damage Brought

The accuracy of the players, with the skill of Laura Sharp Shooter, is increased by 35% when they get the chance. As a result, they will be more accurate in fighting their enemies.

Dasha’s ability reduces injuries taken by 50% and recovery time from falls by 80%. In addition, the rate of reconstruction recurrence and maximum return was reduced by 10%.

Using the Delige Damage Shirou skill, an 80m enemy is marked 6 seconds when he hits a player. The first shot of them has increased 100% penetration of clothing, and this ability cools for 20 seconds.

Note: All the skills mentioned in this article are for each character.

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