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Top 5 Rare Emote in Free Fire

  • Update Time : Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Free Fire is highly popular among young demographics due to various reasons. Aside from gameplay, beautiful cosmetics and unique emotes are two of the primary reasons behind Free Fire’s immense popularity.

Garena has been adding character emotes to Free Fire since its inception. These emotes belong to various categories like Elite Pass, events, store, Lucky Royale and others as per their availability.

Like Pirate’s Flag, there are some unique emotes that have become pretty rare in Free Fire. This article will list rare Free Fire emotes like Pirate’s Flag.

Emotes in Free Fire: What are the rarest emotes aside from Pirate’s Flag?

#5 – LOL

LOL emote (Image via Free Fire)
LOL emote (Image via Free Fire)

LOL is one of the most popular emotes in Free Fire. It is still in demand to this day. The emote was first seen in Elite Pass Season 5, after which it became unavailable.

However, players can now purchase the LOL emote from the store’s collection section for 399 diamonds.

#4 – Eat My Dust

Eat My Dust emote (Image via Free Fire)
Eat My Dust emote (Image via Free Fire)

This emote was part of the Grafitti Top-Up event of 2020. As the emote was part of the random rewards, not many players got their hands on it. Eat my Dust features the character dancing on a golden sports car.

Because it was a part of a top-up event, Eat My Dust has remained one of the rarest emotes in Free Fire.

#3 – Doggie

” alt=”Doggie emote (Image via Free Fire)” />
Doggie emote (Image via Free Fire)

The Doggie emote is based on a viral meme of a man dancing with a dog to signify a celebration. Hence, this emote also became popular among Free Fire players but was difficult to grab.

This legendary emote was initially part of Free Fire’s Emote Party event of 2019.

#2 – FFWC Throne

” alt=”FFWC Throne emote (Image via Free Fire)” />
FFWC Throne emote (Image via Free Fire)

FFWC Throne is one of the most desired emotes, but it is not so easy to claim. The legendary emote features a virtual throne that appears whenever players hit the emote icon.

It is pretty clear by the name of the emote that it was launched during the FFWC (Free Fire World Cup) series back in 2019. The rare emote was recently made available during an in-game event.

#1 – Flowers of Love (Rose emote)

” alt=”Flowers of Love emote (Image via Free Fire)” />
Flowers of Love emote (Image via Free Fire)

Flowers of Love, popularly known as the Rose emote, was launched during a top-up event during Valentine’s week of 2019. Players were required to top-up around 500 diamonds to claim the random rewards of the event.

When players use the Rose emote, their characters go down on one knee to signify a proposal.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the individual opinion of the writer.

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