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How to get Aquablaze Wrath vector skin in Free Fire

  • Update Time : Saturday, September 11, 2021
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Gun skins are a vital component of Free Fire as they are esthetically pleasing and boost a particular attribute of the firearm, enabling the users to gain the upperhand over the enemies. The developers add new cosmetics regularly, usually as part of events and luck royale.

Recently, two new skins, Vector – Aquablaze Wrath and Parafal – Red Fury are up for grabs in the recently added Faded Wheel, which started on 11 September 2021. Users will have to spend diamonds to attain the items.

How to get Vector Aquablaze in Free Fire

As it is with all the Faded Wheels in Free Fire, users are provided with 10 items, out of which they must select two items that they do not desire to obtain. Next, they will have to spin to attain an item out of the remaining eight.

The rules of the Faded Wheel in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
The rules of the Faded Wheel in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Once a reward is attained, it will simply be crossed out and will not be repeated. Hence, the price for making the spin will increase. Additionally, the first spin is free, so players can try their luck to get the skins. The cost is given below:

  • As a result, users are guaranteed to get all eight items, including the two gun skins, for 933 diamonds

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