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How to get 6000+ diamonds worth Free Fire rewards for cheap using membership feature

  • Update Time : Tuesday, October 12, 2021
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Free Fire features a diverse selection of in-game items with bundles, pets, and characters, just to mention a few. These are primarily attainable through the usage of diamonds, which makes this in-game currency extremely valuable to players.

The developers are constantly adding new items to the list in order to provide a diverse selection for the community. Although the temptation to purchase these items is difficult to resist, the high cost of diamonds frequently hinders gamers from achieving their desires.

As a result, gamers often search for inexpensive ways to top-up diamonds. However, the redesigned membership system outperforms any top-up in relation to the prices. Additionally, it offers several other perks, further enhancing its overall value.

New Free Fire memberships explained

The two membership options (Image via Free Fire)
The two membership options (Image via Free Fire)

There are two types of Free Fire membership available for purchase – weekly and monthly. These memberships provide a certain number of diamonds upfront, while players can also collect a few diamonds daily. Furthermore, there are several other additional rewards for both membership plans.

” alt=”Additional Super VIP privileges (Image via Free Fire)” />
Additional Super VIP privileges (Image via Free Fire)

Suppose players have both the memberships active simultaneously. In that case, they will receive Super VIP privileges, including an additional 15 diamonds daily as well as an Evo Gun Token Box. These players will also get a Super VIP icon.

The exact perks of both the memberships are shown below:

Weekly membership

Other rewards worth 3550 diamonds include:

When it comes to monthly membership, the cost of each diamond comes down to 0.307, which is even lower than the price per diamond from a weekly membership, making this much more economical for players.

Steps to get membership in Free Fire

You may purchase memberships in Free Fire by following these steps:

Step 1: You must open the membership icon by tapping on its icon.

Step 2: Subsequently, two options will appear on the screen, select the desired one, and complete the transaction using the method added to your Google account.

Step 3: You can then check in to collect the diamonds daily.

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