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How to Get Free Diamond!

  • Update Time : Monday, November 15, 2021
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Diamonds are one of the few in-game currencies accessible to users in Free Fire. They hold great importance because individuals require them to purchase the game’s exclusive items such as the Elite Pass and new characters.

The problem that arises for many is that diamonds have to be bought using real money. Not everyone can afford to do so, and they seek alternate solutions.

The three apps listed below are examples of apps that can assist users by helping them get free diamonds.

(Note: Before using any of the applications, gamers should go through their terms of service.)

Best apps to get free diamonds for Free Fire in November 2021

3) Poll Pay

Poll Pay is used by many across the world (Image via Poll Pay)
Poll Pay is used by many across the world (Image via Poll Pay)

Poll Pay on Play Store: Click here.

Poll Pay is a popular GetPaidTo (GPT) application in which users must complete offers such as surveys and other activities. After a certain period, they will be able to cash out their earnings utilizing the available options, including gift cards and more.

However, it should be noted that these payout options will change based on the user’s location. As a result, they can look at the ones available in India and then decide whether or not to complete the tasks.


BOOYAH is second on this list (Image via Play Store)
BOOYAH is second on this list (Image via Play Store)

BOOYAH on Play Store: Click here.

BOOYAH takes the second position on this list and emerges as one of the best options for players. Generally, it hosts events like watch-to-win where users can get their hands on various rewards for participating.

Some of the events available in the application also offer diamonds, and gamers can take part in them to have an opportunity to get the premium currency.

Players should remember to bind their Free Fire account to their BOOYAH account.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards on Play Store: Click here.

Google Opinion Rewards is the go-to application for players looking to get free diamonds in Free Fire. After installing it, users will be prompted to answer a series of questions to create their profile.

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