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Mukesh Ambani is leaving Antilia and is now going to live in London’s bunal of 592 crores, see INSIDE pictures…!

  • Update Time : Monday, December 6, 2021
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Going to the most famous big industrialists and richest people of Asia

About Mukesh Ambani, who is counted in the category of who always remains the subject of discussion.

Ambani is one of the biggest industrialists of India. Mukesh at this time

Bani lives in his bungalow named Antilia built in Mumbai, which is endowed with all the amenities.

that Mukesh Ambani's family will soon be in his own house in Mumbai.

Leaving the bungalow can be shifted to a new house built in London.
According to Mukesh Ambani bought 300 acres in London

This land has been bought by Mukesh Ambani for Rs 592 crore.

have purchased. This land in the country near Stoke Park in Birkinghamshire

Located near the club. Mukesh Ambani's

The closed work of the new bungalow on this land was started by

Or what was gone is now complete.

Let us tell you that there are 49 bedrooms in this bungalow. you guessed it

Maybe this bungalow is so big
Will be proud. Ambani during Coronavirus according to the news

The family left Mumbai for their bungalow in Jamnagar built in Gujarat.

Spent full time. Completed since last 3 months

The Ambani family is staying at the Jamnagar bungalow in Gujarat.

By the month of April of the coming year, the entire Ambani family should be in London.

You may shift to this new bungalow. By Ambani family

This year's Diwali is also in that bungalow in London.

Mukesh Ambani's bungalow Antalia 4 in Mumbai.


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