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Ajjubhai94 (Total Gaming) stats

  • Update Time : Tuesday, January 4, 2022
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Total Gaming has made its presence known to the Indian Free Fire community, which emerges without a doubt the most popular YouTube. Her real name is Ajay, and her followers mostly call her Ajjubhai. He has found amazing numbers on his main YouTube channel, which is a clear testament to his popularity.

Apart from Free Fire, you have expanded into various other games, making fun and interesting videos based on topics like GTA 5, Minecraft, etc.

Ajjubhai, aka Total Gaming’s, fire UID toll free number is 451012596. These are his figures from today, 2 January 2022:

Total Games appeared in 12808 team games and have 3057 wins, with a winning value of 23.86%. He collected a total of 49701 homicides, raising the death rate to 5.10.
In duo mode, he played 1825 games and has 356 Booyahs, down with a winning percentage of 19.50%. In this program, it has 7277 pieces and has a K / D rating of 4.95.

Lastly, he has appeared in 1021 games alone and has 93 first place finishes, equivalent to a winning rate of 9.10%. With a K / D rating of 2.80, you have 2595 pieces.
Ajjubhai has played only two games lined up alone this season and has three pieces with a K / D rating of 1.50.
Since the start of the season recently, Total Gaming has never played any games in two modes or teams.

Note: The total number of games in this article were recorded at the time of writing and may change.

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