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Free Fire rewards for today (7 January)

  • Update Time : Friday, January 7, 2022
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The Free Fire Community is looking forward to events as they offer prizes free or at a reduced cost. So, when new ones are introduced, there is always a lot of excitement among the players.

The New Age campaign will finally end in a few days, and there are only a few events associated with it that go on in the game. However, users can complete and get their hands on a variety of items for free.
To get started, players must collect New Age Coins after performing the required tasks in an event. Later, the same tokens can be used in the unique prize trading available on the Exchange Store, which includes Monster Truck leather, two dress bundles, and more.

In addition, there is a leader board available at the event, and individuals will receive specific prizes based on their location.

Players who purchase a certain number of diamonds will be eligible to receive three different prizes as part of the New Age Top-Up. This event is suitable for those users who regularly purchase a game currency. Items include Legendary emote, bakery leather, and motorcycle leather.

Map Hop! added after launch Alpine (Photo by Free Fire)
The event started on January 1 and will run until 9 January. It was introduced after the developers added an Alpine map to the game.

Game players have to complete the daily journey to earn tokens. When they do, they can use tokens to unlock map locations and earn free prizes.

As the name suggests, the event requires players to play a certain number of games with their friends. Here are the specific requirements they must meet to receive all the prizes, including a special ‘Jingle Head’ booty:

Play 1 game with friends to get 5 Artic BasePlay games with friends to get 2x Gold Royale VouchersPlay 10 games with friends to get 3x Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot CratePlay 5 games with friends to find a Jingle Head booty box.

With the Explore New Map event, which began on December 27, users can view some places in the recently launched Alpine. Additionally, they will be given a free Diamond Royale Voucher if they receive a ‘flower’ sign at all venues available at the event.

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