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Reasons why your free fire id can get banned

  • Update Time : Monday, January 17, 2022
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Free Fire Criminals and Fraudsters are a threat that destroys the feeling of games for some players. The developers are working hard to strengthen their anti-robbery program. Therefore, the publishers of the game, Garena, have strict policies against cheating.

From using unauthorized game clients to using bugs and errors, a few tasks can make the Free Fire player blocked. These activities create the wrong play environment and that is why Garena is not tolerated.

Here is a list of all the activities that will get players banned in the battle royale game:

  • If a player uses unauthorised tools that have an impact on game client.
  • If a user uses a modified or unauthorised game client.
  • If mobile gamers use non-official programs to go ahead of other gamers.
  • If they utilise bugs and glitches to their advantage instead of reporting them.
  • If they modify the model files to their benefit.
  • If players bypass the anti-hack system by transferring data locally.
  • If mobile gamers are reported by fellow gamers repeatedly for abnormal gameplay, there is substantial evidence to incriminate them.

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