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Three Ways to get Free Diamond and characters

  • Update Time : Saturday, February 5, 2022
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Free Fire has more than 40 characters, each possessing unique abilities which can provide a competitive edge to the users. Hence many players actively strive to obtain new ones to outplay their opponents easily.

Users often require diamonds to acquire these characters, while the primary method of access to the in-game currency is using real money. However, many users do not find it feasible to purchase diamonds and look for ways to get the characters or the currency for free.

3 methods that players can use to get Free Fire’s characters and diamonds for free

Free characters


BOOYAH! is a livestreaming platform designed by Garena. It regularly features exciting contests and events, which the users can participate in to get several exciting rewards, including characters.

Typically, this entails players registering, viewing videos, and even publishing their own. While gamers are not guaranteed a specific prize, it is worthwhile to attempt because the rewards are extremely good.

2) Live watching rewards

Rewards during FFAC 2021 (Image via Garena)
Rewards during FFAC 2021 (Image via Garena)

Basically, the finals of any big tournament include many liveviewing milestones, for which all players get various awards. Recently, some events like FFPL 2021 Winter, FFAC 2021, FFIC 2021 Fall included a character as one of the options.

These rewards can be given out as part of a redeem code or in-game events and may vary depending on the tournament.

3) Events

Free character during She Plays Free Fire (Image via Garena)
Free character during She Plays Free Fire (Image via Garena)

Most of the characters released last year were available as part of the top-up events that provide free rewards for purchasing a given number of diamonds. Players can keep an eye out for these when looking to get free characters.

Moreover, the developers regularly add other in-game events that offer users permanent characters. The recent She Plays Free Fire campaign offered a free female character through the login event.

Free diamonds

1) Giveaways

Giveaways can also be a good option (Image via YouTube)
Giveaways can also be a good option (Image via YouTube)

Several YouTubers regularly host giveaways on the accomplishment of a particular milestone. Gamers can generally participate in these events to win tons of rewards, including Elite Pass, free diamonds, in-game items, and more.

However, players should be cautious about granting others access to their accounts, resulting in account loss.

2) Redeem codes

Rewards Redemption Site must be used to claim rewards of redeem codes (Image via Garena)
Rewards Redemption Site must be used to claim rewards of redeem codes (Image via Garena)

Developers release new redeem codes from time to time that offer an exciting set of rewards. In the past, these have provided characters, pets, gun skins, permanent cosmetics and even premium in-game currency, diamonds.

Players should use any Free Fire redeem code quickly as these have limited validity. Gamers cannot use them after the expiry date.

They can find some working codes here.

3) Applications and websites

There are multiple applications and websites which reward Free Fire users for accomplishing tasks like answering surveys, watching videos, downloading applications and more. Google Opinion Rewards is a trusted application where users can answer surveys to earn credits, which can be utilized for in-app purchases.

Other than this, some trusted websites include SwagBucks, YSense, PrizeRebel and more. In the application category, gamers can use Mistplay and Poll Pay.

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