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3 easy ways to get free diamond

  • Update Time : Wednesday, February 9, 2022
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The amount of diamonds in Free Fire is understandable. In-game premium cash is required for most in-game activities, from purchasing new and specialty items in the store to changing IGN within the game.

However, the most common issue for players is that they do not have enough diamonds to get the products they want. This is because users need to use their pocketbook to get a premium in-game currency that not everyone can afford.

The most common query coming from gamers is getting diamonds for free. There are several legitimate choices available to users, but they should avoid utilizing unauthorized applications such as mods and hacks.

Best applications to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire

3) GPT applications

Poll Pay can be a good option for users (Image via Google Play Store)
Poll Pay can be a good option for users (Image via Google Play Store)

There are loads of GPT applications available for mobile devices. This generally entails users completing a series of tasks that involve filling out surveys, downloading applications, watching videos, answering quizzes and more.

Among the more popular options are Poll Pay, ClickLoot, and others. The majority of these are the same concept. Only the process and method of cashing out will differ.

2) Booyah

Booyah events are a good way (Image via Garena)
Booyah events are a good way (Image via Garena)

Booyah is a video-sharing platform for gaming enthusiasts developed by Garena. The application features regular events and contests that include multiple Free Fire items like characters, pets and even in-game currency.

This generally requires them to sign up, watch streams or videos for a given duration, or even upload them. Moreover, since these are contests and events, users are not guaranteed a particular reward.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is often the preferred option for Free Fire users because of its simplicity of use. Gamers should set up their profile after answering some easy questions. Subsequently, they will receive surveys that will net them Google Play credits.

Players may quickly earn decent credit after completing a few surveys, which they can use to purchase Special Airdrops to obtain the most diamonds for the lowest cost.

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