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Sunita Thapa Magar stats in February 2022

  • Update Time : Monday, February 14, 2022
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Sunita Thapa Magar, also known to her audience as Sooneeta, broadcasts Free Fire, content creator, and paid Nepali actress. You have just been signed as a content creator by Galaxy Racer and a host of other people.

As a YouTube person, she has garnered 4.72 million subscribers, making her one of the highest paid female content creators. Even last month, Sooneeta gained 100k subscribers and 15.95 million views.

Sooneeta won 5392 of the 23310 team games while raising the winning rate of 23.13%. He calculated the killing of 57462, which kept the K / D average of 3.21.

The content creator participated in two 1927 matches and won 298 games, translating into a winning percentage of 15.46%. Sooneeta combined a total of 3521 kills, which is approximately the same as the K / D average of 2.16.

He remains undefeated in 70 of 951 games alone, translating into a win rate of 7.36%. A paid player has 1575 kills in his name, which summarizes K / D average 1.79.
Sooneeta has played 190 team games and performed 58 times better than his players, with an average winning rate of 30.52%. With 775 kills, his K / D rating stands at 5.87.

He participated in one duo game while killing four people with a K / D rating of 4.

YouTuber competed in 23 solo games, taking home three Booyahs, equivalent to a winning rate of 13.04%. Sooneeta has 94 pieces, leading to a kill-to-death ratio of 4.70.

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