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How to get diamond in cheap price for new topup event

  • Update Time : Wednesday, February 16, 2022
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Over time, add events have become an integral part of Free Fire MAX, with at least one of these events being regularly offered per game. This is provided to encourage players to earn a premium in-game cash prize by providing free in-game prizes to meet stated additional requirements.

Most of the last pets are released for free as part of the top events. Engineers recently installed the new ‘Flash Top Up’ yesterday, i.e., February 15, 2022, and integrated the Flash pet with a few skins.

Players can find the required number of Free Fire diamonds needed in Flash Top Up within the game by following the instructions given below:

Step 1: Users need to sign in to their free Fire MAX account on their device and then reach the completion stage. This can be done by clicking on the ‘+’ icon at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Six additional options will be displayed on the screen, and players must choose the option they like, keeping in mind the rewards they wish to achieve.

The details of the Flash Top Up event are as follows:

Get a pet for free when you buy 100 diamondsGet Animal Skin: Cyber ​​Flash for 300 diamondsGet Animal Skin: Festive Flash and Show Off action for 500 diamonds
Additional requirements are piled up, and separate purchases are not required. As a result, players will need to earn 500 diamonds in all prizes.

Step 3: Players need to press the button below their favorite pack to complete a payment using one of the methods.

Step 4: Once the transaction is complete, the diamonds are quickly added to the account. Next, they may claim the items mentioned earlier by pressing the claim button beside them in the event section.

This Top Up provides a great bargain to users given that the pets themselves cost 699 diamonds within the store, while the skins cost even higher. Thus, gamers may consider acquiring in-game currency during the event.

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