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How to get Free Diamond in FreeFire

  • Update Time : Saturday, March 5, 2022
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Hello friends, today the craze of online games is increasing in the world and if we talk about online games and there is no name of Free Fire in it, can it ever happen?


Today, crores of people play Free Fire Game in India itself and those who have money also buy Diamonds in Free Fire if you also want to buy Free Fire Diamonds with money then it is but is it possible that everyone have money?

Otherwise, those people who cannot buy Paid Diamond in Free Fire , today I have brought good news for those people –

So friends, the good news is that all the people who are not able to get Diamond in Free Fire, they can also take Diamond in Free Fire and if you also want to get Free Diamond in Free Fire then you can read this article.

Note: – If you want to buy Free Fire Diamonds with money then read this post – How to get Diamonds in Free Fire ? Or if you are looking for ways to get Free Fire Diamonds for free then continue reading this post.

First let me talk about Diamond,

Friends, if you are playing Free Fire you should know about Diamond but if you are new to Free Fire you probably will not know about Diamond.

All the same things in the Free Fire store, like clothes, gun leather, character, bullet, emote, car leather and many more, Diamond is needed to get it all.

If you already know about Diamonds, then let us know now what Free Diamonds are, and the best thing about Free Fire is that you can play it on mobile and computer, that’s all. You must have an internet connection.

Free Diamonds are called Free Diamonds and you will know more about where to find these Free Diamonds.

It takes money to get a Diamond in the Free Fire and who would like to take a Diamond through his money.

It is the idea of ​​every Free Fire player that I wish I could get a free diamond and I could take a lot of goods from that diamond and if you get a free diamond anywhere, there is no need to deal with tensions over spending. that diamond.

If you were to waste that diamond without thinking, then you should have pointed out how important free diamonds are in Free Fire.

If you are looking for a Free Diamond on Free Fire, read the article below carefully. If you follow these rules, you can also get 100% Free Diamonds –

So, let us know that where you can get free diamonds, then first we will know about the applications, after that we will know about the website.

Friends, if you want a Free Diamond, then there is the Official Tournament with a squad from Free Fire.

You can win lots of Free Diamonds by winning tournaments with your team and Youtube also has daily tournaments, from which you can also win many Diamonds.

Most YouTube people of Diamond Givevay do. You can win many Custom Victory Diamonds by watching Live of Free Fire.

This is usually the best way to get Free Fire Diamonds because here you do not have to spend a lot of time and get Free Diamonds.

Follow these steps to get the Free Diamonds on the free Youtube channel –

First find all the YouTube channels they offer related to those Free Diamonds.
Find as many YouTube channels as possible.
If possible, find those channels with a smaller Subscriber, because this time your chances are higher for you. ,
Then visit their channel daily to watch their videos, watch their live stream and act as they talk.
You can read their live streaming comments for confirmation, from there you will know if this channel really offers free diamonds or not.
And if you think yes it can give then you can get Free Diamonds by following the methods they have provided.

Friends, the name of our first app is the Booyah App.

This app is the official Free Fire app and you can get diamonds for free from here and how to get this diamond for you, let me tell you the whole process –

First of all you just have to install this app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
After installation, you should now sign in with your Gmail.
After that most people will be seen streaming live in this app.
So you should watch live streaming to get Free Diamonds.
After watching the broadcast you will receive a token, you must collect that token.
You should collect as many tokens as possible
If you will get 20 Diamonds in 1000 tokens then you can get 500-600 Free Diamonds per month in this app.

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