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How to get free Vengeful Brotherhood bundle in Free Fire

  • Update Time : Sunday, March 6, 2022
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Players often look for lots of costumes, and have to use diamonds in Free Fire MAX to get special ones. Alternatively, a variety of different events are also added to the game, allowing players to get free costumes and other items.

Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed content has just found its way to the game, and there are plenty of themes to discover. The Vengeful Brotherhood, which is accessible as part of the target list, is one of the prizes that gaming players can receive. Here’s how players can get it.

In a particular category of affiliate web event, namely, ‘Killer – Selected,’ there is a ‘Target List’ section, which provides tons of prizes for players. Users must collect Assassin Coins within the game via Daily Login, Daily Scout, and within the game.

Later, they can use the collected coins to kill the targets and make a profit out of them. There are two different types of attacks players can launch: the Hidden Blade and the sword, and the latter increase the chances of targeted killings.

Also, every failed attempt increases their total success rate to the next try. In addition, the first six targets have different objectives / equipment to be achieved, which leads to an increase in the success rate.

Lots of Vengeful Brotherhood is part of the six targets, so users have to complete the previous five to get Free Fire MAX. Listed below are the steps players can take to reach the event:

Step 1: Players must launch Garena Free Fire MAX on their mobile devices.

Step 2: On the residence screen, they should click on the special event icon:
Step 3: Finally, gamers can choose between two attack options to try to lower the target.

With so much time left for the event to end, players will easily be able to complete the entire list of targets and receive all possible prizes.

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