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5 ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX

  • Update Time : Sunday, April 17, 2022
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Diamonds are a money mode in Garena’s Free Fire MAX. It helps the game in action as one can use diamonds to get more in-game items. In addition to purchasing items in the store, Lucky Royale, or events, the accumulation of diamonds also allows users to unlock several prizes according to ongoing events.

Almost every player wants to get diamonds to buy the items they desire. The category of users buys or receives diamonds by membership, in-game game-filling activity, and third-party websites, but many players are unable to spend real money on diamonds. Therefore, many of them end up using diamond hacks.

Methods to acquire diamonds in Garena Free Fire MAX for free

1) Rewards Redemption Site

Get free diamonds via Rewards Redemption SIte (Image via Garena)
Get free diamonds via Rewards Redemption SIte (Image via Garena)

The first way to acquire any reward in Garena Free Fire MAX should be through the redemption website. Players can receive several permanent and temporary rewards using redeem codes (12-character or 16-character long).

These rewards are usually collectibles like skins, gloo walls, characters, costumes, in-game accessories, etc. These redeem codes offer free diamonds on rare occasions, and players can give them a shot.

2) Giveaways and custom room matches

Giveaways are common for various popular games, and Free Fire MAX is no different. Many famous YouTubers and Streamers often randomly organize giveaway contests that grant free rewards (most common diamonds).

However, if players are not willing to test their luck in giveaway events, they can join the custom room tournaments or one-off matches. These custom room games often grant diamonds as rewards, and players can find plenty of them on famous discord servers.

3) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards are a safe, smart, and easy way to earn Google Play balance by taking surveys. The Google app generates surveys based on users’ search or travel history. However, on rare occasions, the questions are based on random topics.

The surveys often last a few minutes and grant some virtual money in Google Play balance. However, the generation of surveys or questions in Google Opinion Rewards is not that consistent and frequent. Therefore, players can also use other ways in parallel.

4) GPT apps

Get-paid-to apps or websites work similar to Google Opinion Rewards, but players can perform more tasks than taking surveys. They can play games, take polls, answer questions, watch videos, and do other required tasks to claim several gift cards.

Popular GPT apps are Poll Pay, Poll Pe, Swagbucks, and Easy Rewards. These applications often offer gift cards for several platforms like Amazon, Play Store, iTunes, Xbox, etc. Thus, players can use relevant gift cards to purchase diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

5) Booyah app

Booyah App is the final entry on this list owned by Garena. It allows users to grab several coveted rewards by reaching a specific watch time by streaming videos of popular creators.

Usually, these rewards are emotes, skins, outfits, gloo walls, characters, pets, etc. However, there is a chance that users can claim free diamonds on rare occasions using the Booyah app.

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