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Ajjubhai Vs Helping Gamer stats: who is better?

  • Update Time : Monday, June 27, 2022
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Ajay (Ajjubhai) and Sarfraj (Assistant Player) are two Indian YouTube users who are recognized for their content in Garena Free Fire. The first one uploads a variety of videos, while the ones best known for his guides and helpful videos.


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Ajjubhai currently has 32.8 million subscribers and has over 5.85 billion views on its channel, Total Gaming. Helping Gamer, on the other hand, has subscribers with over 7.89 million views and 578.425 million, respectively.

Ajjubhai participated in 1034 matches alone and remains undefeated in 93 games, raising the winning rate of 8.99%. He has 2616 kills with a K / D rating of 2.78.
The content creator has also played 1838 duo games and has a starting position of 358, keeping a winning rate of 19.47%. With 7314 frags, it maintains a K / D rating of 4.94.

Total Games has 3073 wins in 12902 team games, resulting in a winning average of 23.81%. You have 49990 kills in this mode with a K / D rating of 5.09.

To help Gamer participate in 2877 games alone and has 174 Booyahs, resulting in a winning rate of 6.04%. He killed 4984 with a K / D rating of 1.84.

Sarfraj has played 2926 games and won 188, keeping a winning rate of 6.42%. He packed 5569 frags with a K / D rating of 2.03.

YouTuber played 7214 team games and won 1172 times, with a winning rate of 16.24%. He has 16650 kills with a K / D average of 2.76.

Helping Gamer play three games alone in the ongoing season and get three kills with a K / D rating of 1.00.

He has also appeared in two duo games and has one kill with a K / D rating of 0.50.

Apart from this, the Helping Gamer participated in three team games and killed seven, raising the K / D rating of 2.33.

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