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Free Fire best 3 best gun for short range

  • Update Time : Friday, July 15, 2022
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To win a match in Free Fire MAX, you need to fight well at short range and for that you need short range weapons. We will tell you about 3 such weapons.

Weapons are very important for players playing Free Fire MAX. Only weapons allow players to move forward on the map and face enemies. There are many types of weapons in this game. Some are short-range weapons, some are long-range, and some are medium-range. Each weapon is used at a different time.

With each of his new updates, Garena adds new weapons to the game and modifies older weapons. This time comes a new OB35 update for Free Fire Max. Some new weapons are expected to be available for free as part of this new update. In this article, let us tell you about the top 3 short range weapons that are the best until the upcoming update. Also Read – Using M1887 in Free Fire MAX? Increase his power with these best weapon skins.

MP40 has a lot to offer in Free Fire MAX. This weapon is very special for each player. If players use shotguns, this may prove to be a good option for them. That’s because the SMG list has a burning weapon. It is a good choice for short distances and long distance users can make good use of it. Also Read – 3 Such Cool Free Fire MAX Gloo Walls That Most Users Can’t Use.
Although it is an assault rifle, it is also a great weapon at close range. This is a fan favorite AR weapon that is present in many shooters including Free Fire Max. Its damage is 61 and supports 56 fire rate. This weapon has a range of 72, reload speed of 41, accuracy of 41, and magazine capacity of 30.

If you play Free Fire Max, then you must have heard about this weapon at some point. This weapon is also one of the most popular weapons. Its damage is also 61 like an AK and supports a rate of fire of 58. This weapon has a range of 77, reload speed of 48, accuracy of 52, and magazine capacity of 30.

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