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Bigg Boss OTT, also known as Bigg Boss Over-The-Top, is an Indian reality television show based on the popular international format Big Brother. It is a digital spin-off version of the regular series Bigg Boss Hindi and is exclusively streamed on the streaming platform Voot. Bigg Boss OTT premiered in August 2021 and was the first time the show was telecast online ahead of its TV counterpart.

The Bigg Boss OTT format follows a similar concept to the main series Bigg Boss. A group of celebrity contestants, also known as housemates, live together in a specially designed house for a fixed period of time. They are isolated from the outside world and are constantly monitored by cameras located in different parts of the house. The show is hosted by a popular celebrity who interacts with housemates and conducts weekly evictions.

One of the unique aspects of Bigg Boss OTT is that it provides viewers with an enhanced and immersive experience through its digital platform. Viewers have the opportunity to watch additional, exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes footage, unseen moments and extended versions of episodes. They can also participate in interactive tasks and polls that influence the course of the show with their votes.

The show follows a weekly eviction process where housemates nominate each other for eviction and viewers vote to save their favorite contestants. The contestant with the fewest votes faces elimination and is evicted from the house. As the weeks progress, the number of housemates decreases, leading to increased competition and drama in the house.

Bigg Boss OTT showcases various emotions, conflicts, friendships and alliances between the housemates. The contestants complete tasks and challenges given by Bigg Boss that will test their physical and mental abilities. These tasks often lead to intense competition and strategic gameplay as the housemates want to survive and become the winner.

At the end of the season, the remaining contestants will compete for the title of ‘Bigg Boss OTT Winner’ and a substantial cash prize. The winner is decided by a combination of audience votes and the jury’s decision.

Bigg Boss OTT has gained considerable popularity among the Indian audience due to its engaging content, controversial moments and the opportunity for viewers to actively participate in shaping the outcome of the show. It also served as a platform for both established and emerging celebrities to showcase their personalities and connect with their fans.

Overall, Bigg Boss OTT has become a prominent reality show in India, providing viewers with entertainment, drama and insight into the lives of the contestants, all within the Bigg Boss house.

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