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How to get new Megalodon Scar from Faded Wheel

  • Update Time : Sunday, January 16, 2022
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Gun skins occupy a special place in the Free Fire community. However, the popularity of Evo Gun leathers is incomparable. Users can upgrade these skins using a special token. As players progress through these levels, they will be able to access new features, special animations, different skills, and other features.

This is not always accessible within the game and the developers only give you a brief overview. As a result, players tend to get these skins at any cost. Engineers are back this time with SCAR – the Megalodon Alpha on a darker wheel, and a few other cosmetic items.

The Faded Wheel featuring the Megalodon Alpha SCAR started today in Free Fire and will be accessible until 22 January 2022. Gamers may use diamonds to spin the wheel and win prizes. Furthermore, a reward is never repeated, and the cost of a spin steadily increases until it reaches 499 diamonds.

The prize pool comprises the following items:

  • SCAR – Megalodon Alpha
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (Expiry Date 31 January 2022)
  • Megalodon Alpha Token Box
  • Shark Attack parachute
  • MP40 – Bloody Gold Weapon Box
  • Shark Attack Loot Box
  • Shark Tooth (SCAR)
  • Shark Attack Backpack
  • Cube Fragment
  • Shark Attack Surfboard


Players need to remove two undesired items, and the overall cost of acquiring eight rewards is 1082 diamonds.

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